The two-person paragliding with an area of about 42 m2, and is called the flight the pilot made a tandem flight with passengers. The management and administration of the parachute during a tandem flight “Tandem Pilot” is performed by an experienced pilot called it. It flies in the passenger position in front of other people the tandem pilot. The pilot and passenger flights will continue to harness the so-called flight seat. Harnes designed to offer passengers and pilot a comfortable flight, are extremely modern and safe equipment. Passengers during a tandem flight, the pilot can easily talk and take pictures. The pilot and passenger to each other “balance” is subject to a special apparatus called. The pilot parachute into the parachute by pulling the column makes it ready to fill air flight, and they ran off with the pilot and the passenger.

There is no need for a special training for passengers who want to make a tandem flight. They just made the flight with a short briefing given to them by the tandem pilot. Tandem flights to make, anyone who wants to fly does not require special training process allows the tandem paragliding flights with tasting to enjoy. Parachute flights world-renowned paragliding center made of Fethiye in 1700 and 1967-meter runway is in Ölüdeniz Babadag lasts 50 minutes.