In being one of southern Turkey’s top attractions, Saklikent Gorge is a beautiful natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the region. be careful to heed these 4 tips to make the most out of your experience. Many visitors to the gorge do not and have a very difficult time because of it.
1) Wear Good Shoes
2) Go Early
3) Prepare to Get Wet
4) Do Not Take Anything With You

In The End, Saklikent Gorge is Amazing
While the above tips may make you think that Saklikent Gorge is not the best place to visit, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We think that the gorge is possibly one of the most amazing things you can see while in Fethiye, and was the highlight of our stay. Unfortunately we are young, somewhat fit, and willing to risk a little danger for the experience (while being logical on what is “too much”).

That being said, Saklikent Gorge is not for everyone. If you don’t want to jump in cold water, wade up to your chest, or get on all fours to climb up slippery rocks, this attraction is not for you. If you are in a group who wants to visit this particular region you may want to check out the river tubing option at the entrance as a suitable alternative to pass the time (it looked very fun to us).

But if the above description does sound like your idea of a good time, go early, take a good pair of sandals, a waterproof camera, and have fun!

Beach 4km north of Fethiye is an important holiday and entertainment center. Miles of sandy beaches, the sparkling sea and poetic day will add a touch of beauty to your memories with Calis beach sunset. Calis Beach with views of the Sunset is one of the largest beach famous Fethiye.

Cerati species Caretta Beach located on the beach is famous for its sea turtles. Day dip in the sea disguised caretta carettas, which began towards the middle of April every year, mining the beach at night and in the period up to November.

History dating back to the year 3000 BC was available today m.ö4.yy sarcophagus and tombs from Kayakoy. the Ottoman Empire’s recent re-inhabited by Greeks in the city, the Western Thrace Turks and Exchange wooden section and the top cover of the buildings vacated as a result of being has become a ghost town view from waving destroyed by natural causes.

Abandoned each of the city not greater than 50m2 and views and closing the front of each other in terms of light, the lower floors are used as a pantry, two floors, where the ground underground cisterns that collect rainwater on the roof at the entrance are interspersed among the 350-400 housing bulunmaktadır.konut numerous chapels, two large church is a place worth visiting with a school building and a customs building.

On his way to Fethiye to Antalya, 11 kilometers after passing Kalkan, Patara you reach the turnoff. When you follow the paved road entering contains 6 kilometers of this road, you are entering into a residential area located in the right and left with the hostel. The most important feature, because it shows an unplanned development, have remained in the ancient city. Patara sand, just as in Gebekumu in Datça, formed in the same century.

Clean sea and living in a kind of stone products producing microorganisms eat stones. To prevent this sand transported by the wind, the only region that blends acacia.

12-adalar12 İSLANDS TRİP
Starting from the west and the Gulf of Fethiye Knight Island in the North West you can visit these islands the ball from Fethiye Harbour every day excursion organized a blue voyage. Kızılada, Perforated Island, Yassıcalar, Shipyard Island, Pig Island, and a few of the attractions Göbün Bay.

Islands while walking, which is a Byzantine monastery in Bath Bay today to cool off from the remains buried under the sea, after a short walk in Yavansu roam the hill ancient city Lydas, shipyards and Göbün islands yourself a fish feast take the adventure to live in this blue voyage a few it is one.

Koycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean, combining Dalyan located on the main channel, a natural wonder. Although the history of 5 thousand years, waiting for you intact. Despite being close to many famous tourist center, Dalyan You may wonder how corruption can come to today. The reason is, there is 12 kilometers from the main road.

So “Hidden Paradise” was able to remain in its natural state until the present day. Dalyan, a town of Muğla’s Dalyan district. Population 5 thousand. A large number of foreigners also live here.

Places in Dalyan Locations:
Iztuzu beach, the ancient city of Caunos, Lycian rock tombs, and from a good many diseases (nerves, rheumatism, skin diseases, etc.), mud baths

Butterfly Valley, the province of Mugla, Fethiye district Oludeniz valley within the boundaries of the region. Its proposed protection as a world heritage site because of endemic species 100 one of the mountains which Babadag in the foothills of Butterfly Valley, has been declared a natural site in the 1st degree on 8 February 1995 and has been closed to any type of construction. 350 meters, the name of the valley surrounded by steep rocky wall, which has been hosting more than 80 butterfly species and especially the tiger moths. Sources in the Faralya neighborhood and spilled more than 50 meters high waterfall, reaching the Mediterranean Sea with a stream passing through the central valley.

The geographical structure of the Butterfly Valley, flora and fauna of the scientific community, especially botanists and entomologists, be subject to examination and laboratory studies; It has attracted the attention of national and international environmental organizations and ecological development. Butterfly Valley are provided with access to boats from Ölüdeniz. Faralya (Uzunyurt) reaches a footpath from the neighborhood Valley; but because of the rope climbing routes and variable surface should be done accompanied by a guide.